About the author: The author is a mom who moved into “crisis” mode when she discovered that her teenage son was addicted to prescription drugs, along with alcohol and street drugs.  Hers is a story of discovery and recovery. She offers experience, not advice. She developed this simple plan for herself and now shares it with  others who also live surrounded by  this chaos.

Ms Krochta grew up on the East coast of the US and has a BA from Indiana University, Bloomington, in foreign languages.  After college, her career in International Business took her to places around the globe. Traveling, and meeting and learning about people and their values and traditions, have since been an integral part of her life.  She is married and has two grown sons. 

About the Book:

Most people would not consider the word “practical” included in any discussion about addicts and alcoholics and usually they would be right. 

“SWEAT” can change that.  In the book, there are many practical tools to use just for the purpose of coping, living with, and loving addicts and alcoholics.  Try them and choose what works for you.

Life is good.

Also In the book...........

*A detailed, first hand account of a Native American Sweat Ceremony

*April in Paris

*Living through three hurricanes in a six week period with an addict

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